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Psalmodikon Gallery

This project is intended to create a database of all known Psalmodikons in the United States and Canada that were constructed before 1940. The information will be placed on this site and a permanent record will be kept by the Nordic-American Psalmodikonforbundet.

Current Pages of Gallery

Gallery Page One Listings of Psalmodikon Instruments:

Gallery Page Two Listings of Psalmodikon Instruments:

Gallery Page Three Listings of Psalmodikon Instruments:

Gallery Page Four Listings of Psalmodikon Instruments:

Gallery Page Five Listings of Psalmodikon Instruments:

The information needed is as follows. A photograph, with a scale like a foot long ruler in the picture. Dimensions are also needed, i.e., length, width at top and base, and depth. If it is available we need the maker, markers origin, date of manufacture. If you do not known the maker, please provide the earliest known owner and where he or she came from.

Please send photographs to the Beatrice Hole at the address below. The images will become property of the Nordic-American Psalmodikonforbundet, however no publication of the photographs beyond the web site will be allowed without permission of the original sender. The data on this site is intended for use by historical researcher and instrument builders.

As the inventory grows we will begin to divide the instruments into categories by shape, national origin, or other categories.

Beatrice Hole
6560 Leesborough Avenue
Eden Prarie, MN 55346 USA