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Psalmodikon Gallery Exhibits: Row 3

NAP0007: Lingen Psalmodikon

Psalmodikon Gallery Image 0007This Psalmodikon now belongs to and is played by Olive Lingen Forbord of Benson, MN. It was brought from Namdalseid, Trondheim, Norway in 1870 by Iver Lingen, her Great Uncle.

The shorter stick, shown by the measuring stick, is called a "transpositional stick". It can be placed on the Psalmodikon, and still using the same numbers for Sifferskrift, but the music will be played in a different key. There are four variations on this stick.

(The Transpositional Sticks were designed by Lars Roverud of Norway in 1825).

NAP0008: Larson Psalmodikon

Psalmodikon Gallery Image 0008This Psalmodikon is a replica of the one owned by Johannes Dillner (1785-1862) of Sweden. The Psalmodikon was made in the 1980s for Betty Larson of Mt. Pleasant, IA from instructions given by Harold D. Laurence of Westminister, CO. It is now on display at the Swedish/American Museum in Swedesburg, IA. Betty plays the Psalmodikon for special occasions, but uses a guitar pick instead of a violin bow.

NAP0009: Sandquist Psalmodikon

Psalmodikon Gallery Image 0009The Psalmodikon was used in a school in Norway in the 1830-1850's.

The teacher's family evidently brought it over to America. The Sandquist's purchased the Psalmodikon at an auction in Montevideo, MN

It needed some repair, which they have done.

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