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Psalmodikon Songbook

The first and only songbook ever published exclusively for the psalmodikon!

Includes 95 songs in 4-part harmony, using numerical notation known as Sifferskrift, and several pages of history about the psalmodikon.


Psalmodikons Return to The Old Country Church

Featuring The Nordic American Psalmodikon Quartet


- Floyd Foslien (bass)
- Beatrice Hole (alto)
- Kathy Pedersen (tenor)
- Joan Saathoff (soprano)

Harlis Anderson died in 1994, but Beatrice Hole continued to give presentations and teaching the psalmodikon music under the name of “Music-on-a-String”. Beatrice and her psalmodikon became well-known and traveled to many states, Norway, and Sweden as the interest in psalmodikons continued to grow. She also gathered much psalmodikon history along the way to add to her repertoire.

In 2004, for the gathering of the Augustana Heritage Association meeting in St. Peter, Minnesota, Beatrice was asked if she could form a quartet of psalmodikons to participate in their assembly programs. In the archives of Gustavus College someone had found music written in 4-part harmony, especially for psalmodikons. This little music booklet was written by Eric Norelius in 1865, who had served as a Pastor in that area. The request was accomplished and for the first time, the newly formed Psalmodikon Quartet played, in 4-part harmony, “A Mighty Fortress is our God” for the assembly!

Thus, the birth of the “Nordic-American Psalmodikon Quartet”. It was a great time of fellowship and music for this group, as they traveled to various venues playing beautiful psalmodikon music in 4-part harmony and telling the history of this instrument that had played such an important part in the lives of the Scandinavian immigrants and their churches. They soon realized that there was a need to compile a songbook of their psalmodikon music. In 2005, the Psalmodikon Quartet gathered all their music and published a “first ever” Psalmodikon Songbook. All the music is written in 4-part harmony using the Sifferskrift (numerical) method of writing music. The Songbook includes 95 pages of familiar hymns, patriotic songs, folk tunes, and Christmas carols.

The following year they created a “never done before” CD recording of seventeen songs played in 4-part harmony on their psalmodikons. They are proud of these accomplishments, and now for the first time here in America, there is written history and recorded music available to everyone searching for information on the Norwegian/Swedish Psalmodikon, which is no longer a “near forgotten” instrument.

The following songs are excerpts of the music played in 4-part harmony by the Nordic-American Psalmodikon Quartet.


Psalmodikon Component Parts

Floyd Folsien offers component parts and kits for those who wish to build their own psalmodikon.

Here is a note about the components from Floyd:

These are usually the most difficult components for builders to obtain. I can, however, provide all of the other component parts required to make psalmodikons if the builder is unable to make them or find them locally. You may contact me for prices.

I also sell a complete kit of parts to make a psalmodikon for $130.00. This kit instrument is modeled after an antique Norwegian salmodikon (Norwegian spelling) similar to one used by Lars Roverud. He was the "Father" of the Norwegian salmodikon and is credited with using transposition sticks to allow playing in various keys without re-tuning so this kit includes a transposition stick. The parts are cut to size and need only to be glued together, sanded, and finished with varnish or lacquer.

Send orders to:
Floyd Foslien
567 High Ridge Drive
Hudson, WI 54016