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Psalmodikon Gallery Exhibits: Row 4

NAP0010: Freng Psalmodikon

Psalmodikon Gallery Image 0010This Psalmodikon was brought from Norway in 1866 by Peder Freng, who is the great great grandfather of the present owners, Jean Silvey and Ruby Cutts. The family settled in the area of Yankton, SD. This Psalmodikon measures 31" long, 4-1/2" wide and 1-3/4" deep. This Psalmodikon is slightly different from most of them in that it has "two" strings but perhaps they were both tuned to the same key.

NAP0011: Rosvasholm Psalmodikon

Psalmodikon Gallery Image 0011This Psalmodikon was brought from Norway to Brookings County - South Dakota by Johannes Anderson Rosvasholm 1826-1892. In place of his father who was the "Klokker", Johannes (14) was given the honor to play the Psalmodikon and lead the choir and congregation in singing on his Confirmation Day. Eugene Holm, his grandson, now plays the Psalmodikon.

NAP0012: Guy Paulson Psalmodikon

Psalmodikon Gallery Image 0012 - Guy Paulson Psalmodikon.  Link to larger imagePsalmodikon built by Guy Paulson - In 1998, Guy Paulson of Fargo, ND completed the ultimate task of building a full-scale Norwegian Stavkirke patterned after the Hopperstad Church located in VIk, Norway.

After building the magnificent Norwegian church that is located on the ground of the Heritage-Hjemkomst Center in Moorehead, Minnesota, Paulson decided to take on a smaller building task and created this beautiful hand carved psalmodikon for his family.

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