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Psalmodikon Gallery Exhibits: Row 1


NAP0001 : Sjöberg Psalmodikon

Psalmodikon Gallery Photograph 0001This is probably the world's smallest Psalmodikon. It measures 12" long, 1-3/8" wide and 3/4" high. It was made by Rodney Sjöberg of Trollhättan Sweden in 2000.

The Psalmodikon was given as a gift to the Nordic-American Psalmodikonforbundet.

NAP0002: Anderson Psalmodikon

Psalmodikon Gallery Photograph 0002Harlis Anderson (1911-1994) of North St. Paul, MN started playing this Psalmodikon in 1980. The Psalmodikon had been stored in his Grandfather's attic.

The Psalmodikon was made by Petter Halvorson Anderson, a Norwegian immigrant, in St. Ansgar, IA in 1867. Petter played the Psalmodikon while leading the singing in his pioneer church.

Psalmodiikon Gallery Photograph 0002 Full ViewThis Psalmodikon is currently being played by Beatrice Hole.


NAP0003: Mindekirken Psalmodikon

Psalmodikon Gallery Photograph 0003In 1999, Pastor Bjørn Sørensen found this Psalmodikon in the archives of Mindekirken, the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church in Minneapolis, MN. Little is known about its origin, but the style is similar to the Norwegian Psalmodikons of the late 1800's. It was probably made and played by a Norwegian immigrant and eventually donated to the church.

It is now on display in a glass case at Mindekirken.

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